Empty your memory

Empty your memory,

with a free()...

like a pointer!

If you cast a pointer to a integer,

it becomes the integer,

if you cast a pointer to a struct,

it becomes the struct...

The pointer can crash...,

and can Overflow...

Be a pointer my friend...

thanks to fd


My morph into Gary Kasparov


Any liquids?

Today's trip really pissed me off. Being asked 100 times about having liquids and losing my luggage is not a good balance.
By the way, do you have any liquids?
I'm alive!


3-1 "El pibito" scored his goal

Gud-Johnsen was traded by el pibito at second half. He forced the free kick and scored his goal in the extra time. Go el pibito!

Galicia calidade?

Awesome! I've been absolutely fucked off in spanish rapids championship. Pontevedra 11-12 November 2006.

O melhor: pulpo a feira.


Master and friend

09/10/2006 Dr. Jesús Lorés dead at 55.


Coming soon